Outstanding Technology Teacher of the Year - FSE

Teacher of the Year

Outstanding Technology Teacher of the Year - Program Challenge

Paraprofessional of the Year
First Name Last Name Position Email Website
LaSharon McClain principal email
Tamika Knighton assistant principal email
Charlene McGlockling academic coach email
First Name Last Name Position Email Website
Sandra Foster bookkeeper email
Dorothy Vallery secretary, registrar email
Diane Johnson nurse email
Homeroom Teachers
First Name Last Name Position Email Website
Maggie Pierre pre-K email
Chanestia Davis kindergarten email
Amber Drummond kindergarten email
Rebekah Frederick kindergarten email
Meika Smith kindergarten email
Taylor Summers kindergarten email
Lucretia Blakey first grade email
Tamala Findley first grade email
Monnette Horne first grade email
Vanessa Johnson first grade email
Elizabeth Jones first grade email
Stacy Lawson first grade email
Lisa Bastien second grade email
Audrey Brewer second grade email
Bruce Guest second grade email
Debbie Miller second grade email
Janelle Thomas second grade email
Faneshia Bolds third grade email
Veja Dennis-Myco third grade email
Ashley Jones third grade email
Keisha Sampson third grade email
Trinecia Ward third grade email
Kimberly Williams third grade email
Paula Britton fourth grade email
Evelyn Culver fourth grade email
Candice Floyd fourth grade email
Cynthia Hurst fourth grade email
LaTasha Thomas fourth grade email
Tenesha Bivins fifth grade email
Earline Burrell-Sneed fifth grade email
Stephanie Jordan fifth grade email
Sandra Martin fifth grade email
Kelly Richardson fifth grade email
Cara Lott special Ed. teacher email
Christina Patrick special Ed. teacher email
Kaile Walker special Ed. teacher email
Other Teachers
First Name Last Name Position Email Website
Charlene McGlockling instructional coach email
Tiffany Smith counselor email
Shauntogris Johnson R.T.I. coordinator email
Allison Randall learning lab
Daniel Isbell music email
Karlene Richardson physical education email
Jennifer Schie art email
Kenyatta Anderson E.I.P. email
Tandy Cason E.I.P. email
Darice Prater E.I.P. email
Betty Roberts E.I.P.
Kathryn Baker special Ed. resource email
Jacquelyn Duhart special Ed. resource email
Moss Fountain special Ed. resource email
Melanie LaRue E.L.L. email
Mahogany Fisher Program Challenge email
Keisa Gatewood Program Challenge email
Stacey Gillespie Program Challenge email
Tanya Hampton Program Challenge email
Tonya Jones Program Challenge email
Kimelia Parks Program Challenge email
Scott Pepperman Program Challenge email
Josh Prentice Program Challenge email
Tara Stephens Program Challenge email
Stephanie Tyler Program Challenge email
Trey Wilcox Program Challenge email
Lavira Willis Program Challenge teacher email
Kathryn Powell psychologist email
Joanna Butler speech email
Media Center
First Name Last Name Position Email Website
Gail Williams media specialist email
First Name Last Name Position Email Website
Stephen McNutt digital learning specialist email
Shea Daniel INTEL email