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Congratulations to the Flat Shoals Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team on Their 4th Place Finish!

Team Members: Amber Ashley, Morgan Askew, Gabrielle Butler, Jordan Coleman, Alethia Grant, Hazel Pepperman, Khalil Sistrat, Allanah Stanton, Kristian Williams, and Zak Yassin

About Our Media Center

The Flat Shoals Elementary School Media Center book collection consists of about 15,000 books that students and staff may check out for pleasure or research.

Reading is a crucial skill, and there are several ways to make sure your child becomes a proficient reader.

  1. Reading is a skill that must be practiced, so it is imperative that your child reads every day, and it doesn't always have to be a book. Reading can be practiced at the grocery store, while driving in the car, anywhere there is something to be read.
  2. It is very beneficial to read to young children. A child's listening vocabulary is far greater than their sight vocabulary. Reading a story aloud that is at a higher level than their own reading ability can help expand their vocabulary and improve their own fluency.
  3. Children should read books that are on their own reading level, but they should not be bound by that entirely in their book selections. They can get great satisfaction from choosing books that they may not be able to read proficiently, but that are pleasing and interesting to them. Wanting to read that book that's a bit too hard right now can be a great motivator to keep working on reading skills.
Media Center Policies

Pre-kindergarten through first grade students may check out one book at a time, and second through fifth grade students may check out two books, with a loan period of one week. Parents are welcome to set up a patron account and may check out up to ten books.

Books that are lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair are charged at replacement cost, which can range from $10 to $40, depending on the book. No late fines are assessed, but students will not be allowed to check out another book if they have one that is overdue.

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